Macular Degeneration and Eyecare in General

Age related macular degeneration (AMD) and the care of your eyesight. There is so much to see in life, seeing the world or the wonderful things around you. Don’t take your eyes for granted be actively involved in their care. One of the number one causes of blindness or vision loss in older people is AMD, Age Related Macular Degeneration.

According to Noble Eye Care Gurgaon, Macular Degeneration is a common problem all over the world with older adults. A great way to keep up with the latest information is to talk with your eyecare professional. Regular, yearly, extensive eye exams can make it possible for early detection and prevention of these eye diseases. Just because you are told that you have cataracts forming doesn’t mean you will loose your sight or have to have surgery. There are many things you can do to slow or even stop the progress of cataracts. The same is true of AMD. There isn’t a cure but studies have been done and you can fight it and at least slow down the process or possibly keep from developing wet AMD which is more serious. Your eye doctor can find these conditions and give you much of the information you need.

With this condition your sight is at great risk. AMD results in the gradual and progressive loss of acute and detailed vision. The most common form is dry AMD which is caused by yellowish deposits called drusen that accumulate on the macula. The macula is the part of your eye responsible for central vision. This can lead to deterioration of the retina and loss of vision. This drusen can be seen by your eye doctor when you have your eyes dialated during your yearly examination. If you get the more serious wet macular degeneration there aren’t many things to help combat it. They do use laser surgery to try to keep eyesight from getting a whole lot worse when you have wet AMD. There have been many advances in the care and treatment of dry AMD.

While some macular degeneration is a natural part of growing older there are things you can do to minimize the damage to your eyes. One type of vitamin and mineral formula was clinically proven by the National Institutes of Health’s 10 year AREDS trial. This trial did find a way to help slow the advancement of AMD. The Areds formula showed consitantly to slow or stop the degeneration in patients that took their vitamins daily. These AREDS formulas are obtainable from several vitamin and mineral companies. Make sure you purchase a formula that duplicates the AREDS formula exactly or adds to it.

To further reduce your risk for developing age related macular degeneration, you need to watch your cholesterol level, eat a well balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, keep your blood pressure in check, avoid prolonged sun exposure, wear sunglasses, and don’t smoke. We all have a lot to see in this special world of ours and healthy eyes are essential to enjoying them. For more info: